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Racking / Shelving
racking shelving

We offer both the sales and ongoing maintenance of racking and shelving. We can take care of the replacement of damaged racking and or shelving. We also specialize in the removal and or reinstallation of protective guards.

We’re also pallet racking certified. We want to help you minimize any back-room downtime, so we’ll work out a schedule that best suits you and your customers’ needs.

Replacement pallet racking up rights and cross beams

We offer:

  • New installations, removal of old units and any waste disposal required
  • Deflector installation
  • Retail shelving repair and replacement parts
  • Pallet guard installation
  • Scheduled inspections to ensure safety
Cash Lane
cash lane

From belts to motors to trim pieces, we do it all on your cash lanes.

We stock a wide variety of pedals, laser eyes, acrylic dividers, signs, lights and bag holders

We offer:

  • Motors
  • Belts
  • Rollers
  • Switches
  • Closed chains
  • Resurfacing

Have a floor drain that's giving you problems? Or maybe a backed up toilet? We have the expertise and the equipment needed to get the job done. We can utilize plumbing snakes, power flashers, camera inspections, locators, and pipe steamers for those below zero applications. We also stock T&S sprayer taps and various refrigerated case drains.

We are fully licensed and or Red Seal Certified.


Power outages? We can handle all your electrical needs. We’ve got generators to keep things moving and our Master electricians to fix any issue. No job is too small, from light switch covers to switching out a transformer; we've got you covered.

Cart Maintenance
shopping carts (2)

Shopping carts, one of the most important parts of the retail experience, and we carry all the necessary parts; wheels and cart parts. We also offer pressure washing, annual and or quarterly maintenance programs. We also service everything to oven racks, stock carts to bread dollies.

We offer:

  • Cleaning
  • Wheel & swivel replacement
  • Baby seat & belt replacement
  • Handle bar & ear replacement
  • Corner bumper replacement
  • Lock box repair & replacement
  • General service
  • Frame repair
Metal Working

Through our various suppliers, we have the ability to manufacture and supply refrigerated case body panels, protective railing corners. You name it, we can make it, and install it of course!

We offer:

  • General fabrication
  • Floor angles
  • Frame repair
  • Weld all metal composites
  • Wall guards for pipe & electrical
  • Door guards
  • Case guards
  • Cooler flashing
  • Custom Stainless
Mill Working

We understand how important it is to have quality displays to sell your products. From slanted produce tables, to ice tables, just give us an idea of what you're looking for and we can help create the ideal display. We are also experienced in acrylic work: product dividers, acrylic bins and sneeze guards.

We offer:

  • Wood display repair & resurfacing
  • Wood display design & manufacturing
  • Laminate repair & replacement
  • Facia trim & plastic work
  • Plexi display dividers & sneeze guard replacement
  • Custom cutting board tops
  • Bulk food bin repair & replacement
  • Signage and lettering

We offer professional painting services. Everything from removing furniture and setting everything back up after things have been completed. From an office refresh, bulkheads, staircases and even refrigerated case panels, a fresh coat of paint shows!

We offer:

  • Graffiti clean up
  • Store patchwork
  • Exterior
  • Office
  • Shelf resurfacing
  • Power washing
Flooring to Ceilings

We carry a wide variety of vinyl and ceramic flooring applications. We also have nothing but the best floor levelling. The most important part of your store is a good sales floor for your customers. We can handle all your vinyl and ceramic tile repair and new installation needs. Everything from floor-to-ceiling, we can help!

We offer:

  • Cement & grout repair
  • Levelling
  • Scanning
  • T bar and tile replacement
Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

We can manage the sales and or service of all your walk-in coolers and freezer panels’ needs. That means, door repairs – hinge, latch, rollers, tracks, gaskets, sweeps, etc. We can even take down an existing box and relocate it for you. We stock parts for all sorts of walk-in coolers. And even if you just need new flashing or replacement of one panel, we can handle that too.

We offer:

  • Panel replacement
  • Anti-sweat installation & repair

From concrete sidewalk repairs, patching, and grinding we also handle asphalt, core drilling, and purging and even pothole repairs. We can also take care of insulated walk-in freezer slabs.

Refrigerated Cases

We carry various types of trim and bumpers for all different makes: Hill, Hussman, Kaiser Warren, arneg, Tyler.

That also includes doing glass door replacement, shelves, racks, honeycomb, bottom pans and new body panels to freshen things up. We can also take care of replacing refrigeration coils

We offer:

  • Honeycomb cleaning & replacement
  • Kick plate repair & installation
  • All case bumper & bumper corners
  • Glass replacement
  • Shelving & rack replacement
Gas Equipment

We offer a wide range of services for gas-fired equipment. From fryers, combi-ovens, to LBC baking ovens. We can handle all gas-fired equipment for you. Our technicians are experienced and certified, which can help save you money. 

Food Preparation Equipment

We service and stock parts for a wide variety of equipment, from meat saws, meat grinders, bread slicers, dishwashers, pineapple corers to scales and graters. 

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We provide preventative maintenance programs for all sorts of food preparation equipment; greasing of bakery oven racks, wrapping stations, scales, meat saws, and hot food cases. Any equipment that requires routine maintenance, or simply blades changed or sharpened, we can take care of that.

Exterior Maintenance Reports

Safety is an important concern and we can help with that! We are able to provide a monthly, quarterly or annual report detailing the various safety needs of your location.

Some of our service could include, covering potholes in the parking lot, various signage missing, line painting, exterior building damage or sidewalk surface maintenance etc.

We also do inspections on hot water tanks and or roof drains to ensure they have the proper guards on. Also, gas lines’ inspection for painting and blocking.


We all know there's lots of different door manufacturers out there, but we specialize in back room doors, glass doors, cooler doors, freezer doors, main entrance doors, and overhead receiving doors.


We deal with suppliers for factory original gaskets from back bars to glass doors to your meat freezers. We also carry strip curtain for your walk-in cooler and freezer needs.