Maintenance Repair Service

A Retailers Service Company

About Us

We are Maintenance Repair Service, otherwise known as M.R.S. MRS was formed in 1996 to address a void in the retail maintenance sector. We envisioned a real time maintenance solution for customers in the retail industry. Since its inception, MRS has grown into a one stop repair outfit, providing quality solutions for all maintenance and repair needs. We now have fifteen specialized divisions, each providing us with the required expertise to service a very broad array of retail maintenance needs. Our regional headquarters and main distribution warehouse is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have many satellite offices across the country, enabling us to provide service to our customers nationwide. Quality work and customer satisfaction are paramount at MRS. Our commitment to these principles over the years, has helped us build excellent relationships and rapport with all of our satisfied customers. We have a team of 40 + professionals who share our vision. Together we demonstrate quality service in all areas of the commercial retail environment, cultivating trusting and synergic relationships with our customers. Maintenance Repair Service is a one stop repair shop servicing any and all of your maintenance and repair needs. We look forward to proving ourselves in the near future.

Reasons to choose Maintenance Repair Service

  • 24 Hour Service Desk

    You’ll always get to talk to a person when you call

  • 24 Hour / 365 Day Service

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we're always open for your needs

  • The Prices You Deserve

    We offer competitive pricing and reasonable rates

  • Safety is our Priority

    Health and safety training is mandatory for all of our technicians

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    Contractor Check

    Certified and fully insured

  • Qualified

    Professional service people delivering quality workmanship

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We guarantee our work

Major Customers


“I've recommend MRS to other associates because in today’s service industry it's nearly impossible to find a company that will get back to me immediately and keeps me in the loop on progress.”

“One of the reasons I like using MRS is because I only have to call one person, process one work order and submit one A/P to accomplish so many various tasks.”

“If I need a railing painted, a floor tile replaced, AND a window changed by Monday. I call MRS.”